Canna-Biscus Butter, facial cream

$ 29.99 - $49.99


One of our body systems most affected by harsh elements and lack of hydration is our skin. The canna-biscus butter was created to protect, hydrate and revitalize.

An absolute powerhouse of nourishing natural ingredients, we try to keep them to things you can pronounce.

-Organic Shea Butter
-Organic Vitamin E
-Hibiscus (often referred to as nature's botox plant)
-Organic Frankincense
-Pure Cannabidiol (CBD)
-Organic MCT Coconut Oil

Try applying a small amount to your face morning and evening, or any other area you'd like to nourish! 
We've had wonderful feedback from those who have used it on tattoos as well.

Available in 2 sizes, both the same strength just a regular and large size:
Regular: 15 ml & 225mg CBD
Large: 30ml & 450mg CBD

*A little goes a very long way.

Store below 80 degrees as the butter can melt very easily. If it does get warm and melt, just place it in the fridge for a couple of hours to restore creamy consistency.

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