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Health and Wellness Market

Committed to quality Hemp and CBD Oils, Tinctures, Topicals and more!

All products compassionately made with natural ingredients and 3rd party lab tested.

Great Quality & Affordable Prices

At HempSq, we pride ourselves in offering top quality products at affordable prices to push the marketplace and we're proud of it!

Our "seed to sale" process begin with licensed US farms, growing federally compliant quality crops which is then sent to certified GMP approved labs for testing and formulation.

Our commitment is to continuous improvement (kaizen), increasing industry efficiency and consistently negotiating fair rates to pass on affordable prices to you: our clients, family and friends - all while NEVER sacrificing quality!

Automated Retail Kiosks...coming soon!

Smart vending kiosks equipped with age verification, inventory and climate control. If you're interested in adding a HempSq Kiosk to your business, let us know.

Coming Soon


We have a whole selection of Salves ranging from 150 mg to 2,000 mg. With FULL SPECTRUM and THC FREE options, our clients have multiple options to address those sore spots.